Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekly Update

On the ball this week with my update!

Overall... A near perfect week with only Thursday letting me down. 6 winning days out of 7 and a profit of £752. If only all weeks could be like this! Brings the annual total to £3,064 and nice to be back over the £3k mark again!! Which amazingly is the 8th time this year I've been over the £3k level. The month of November is now in profit as well at £157 profit. Doesn't sound much but is good progress! A hard week in terms of getting the bets on as I was out and about quite a bit and used betfair mainly - to be fair prices have held up ok and haven't been impacted too much.

A good week for.... Systematic has performed well this week and put on 20+ profits so is this the start of the turnaround? Good week for Piecost too and nice to see a turnaround for this service with what has been a challenging start. Market Examiner also delivered profit this week and again it would be good is this was start of a change of fortune. Northern Monkey turned around a relatively poor spell, Steve Lewis Hamilton in profit and 4PA continues well!

A bad week for... a clean sheet this week so no one in the betting world to nominate! I'd like to start a rant about Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias but that's not really what this blog is all about.

Other news. I'm thinking about following some of the picks that come through the excellent blog run by Graeme Dand. Certainly looks interesting, and really progresses my aim of diversifying and not relying totally on horse racing. Equine re-start their services the last weekend of November so will be good to get back into that and hopefully will deliver more profit throughout the all weather season.

The blogosphere is awash with betting and trading blogs - many of which are great reads and I keep coming across more and more to nose at. What I don't see many of is blogs like mine where the blogger follows a number of tipsters - Playing It Safe is a good read - but if there is any more out there that someone can point me to that'd be great.

Here's to a good betting week!

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