Sunday, September 25, 2011

Another Saturday Shocker

It's reaching the point where i begin to dread Saturday betting. If I'd sat out Saturdays all year I would be £1.1k better off which is quite an unbelievable statistic.

Not one of the services I follow could manage a profit today and £417 was knocked off the account - despite a huge number of bets being placed. It does make me wonder if Saturdays are just too hard even for the pro's.

The damage wasn't too bad overall as a bumper day from Systematic Betting on Friday with £440 made in one day cushioned the awfulness of today.


Loads of comments have come in recently regarding Steve Lewis Hamilton service - the service does seem to attract a lot of attention and a huge amount of negativity, especially when there are losers. I am happy with the comments coming in and am keen to debate the merits of any service but I am surprised at the overwhelming issues some people have with the service. Equine Investments Main Account hasn't had a great couple of months but no one comes in and moans about that. So if anyone can answer why Steve Lewis Hamilton attracts such criticism I'd be interested to hear.

I have no interest in promoting or publicising a service - I just pass on the facts and sometimes get annoyed / frustrated / happy with each and every service - but if you look at the SLH private service for this year - I'm 65 points up and well in profit (even taking into account the subs) - so if everyone has followed for the same period then they must be doing well so not sure why there is so much criticism. Anyhow look forward to hearing your thoughts.


JP said...

Hi mate,
Good to see you’re still alive and kicking and giving this a go – doesn’t look it’s got any easier in the last 18 months !

Seems like you’ve attracted the same group of retards who used to send comments about SLH to my blog whenever he gave out a loser.

Was always happy to put up any most comments on my blog positive or negative about any of the services I followed – such as SLH's old fashioned method of delivering the messages and the lack of transparency on the website - but I never gave these muppets the satisfaction of publishing their “insight”, but that’s up to you obviously.

Shame they can’t come up with some new lines though – that one about eating sausage and chips in Corals in Chesterfield is at least two years old !

I doubt any of them (if it is more than one person) follow the bets and are just getting the selections relayed to them from somewhere – do you really think they’d be still be shelling out £1000 a year in subs if they still felt like this about him ?

Anyway, enough of that. Wish you the best of luck for rest of this year mate – hopefully you can get on a decent run and finish up well in front.

All the best

Bob said...

This used to be an enjoyable blog. Now it is just the host for a disturbing crank with a grudge against Steve Lewis Hamilton.

Anonymous said...

There are several factors which are frustrating with regards to SLH:

1. Cost: I am not just referring to the 125 GBP per month that it costs to subscribe to the Private Service, but the fact that one must pay more money to telephone the SLH tipping line and this costs money. For the amount one must pay to be a member, SLH should provide a free number to call. It does not help that messages often go online late and multiple calls are therefore necessary and charges racked up. The Theology bet the other day was only available from 1.03pm and I spent 1.25 GBP accessing this tip on my mobile phone. The SLH website claims there are no hidden costs with his service - this is a downright lie - subscribers must pay additional phone charges on top of the subscription charges to access the bets. It is especially annoying when one must ring up multiple times between 12.57pm and 1.03pm to find out that there is 'no account business'. SLH must know by 12.45pm when there is going to be no account business so should put this message up early to stop wasting time and money for subscribers.

2. Proofing: The SLH website is not accurate and it is only updated after winners and not after losers. During the dreadful month of August it was not updated at all and simply gloated about profit figures which were both wrong and misleading. Why does SLH not proof his results to a reputable proofing site from where one can download Excel spreadsheets? What is he hiding? I would not invest in the stock market without being able to study historic performance first.

3. Type of bets advised. SLH gives out some rubbish advice sometimes. There is a distinction between value and ability. Ability must always come first, value second. You should never back a horse just because you think the price is wrong if that horse has no ability to win the race. Only back a horse when you think that horse has the ability to win the race and where you can get bigger odds than the horse's chance indicate. Tin Pot Man is a case in point. SLH thought the horse should have been 10/1 but it was widely available at 12/1 and 14/1 and he advised it as a bet. In reality, this horse was an outsider and was pathetic. It played no part in the race and never looked like winning. SLH did not find any value in Tin Pot Man - he just wasted money backing the wrong animal.

Mug Punter said...

Mate, your profit figures are better than the SLH headline figures of around 50 points profit this year. Since 1st July the service has made a loss. You have suffered less because you missed at least one losing bet during August and you cap your bets at 2 units.

Andy said...

Hey, great blog. I'm not a member of SLH but I got his free information pack. It is not very helpful because it just lists the horses backed this year but does not specify the advised stakes so is totally meaningless in terms of working out profits and turnover. I'm going to stick with Equine Turnover and Roger Green Racing.

Anonymous said...

I left a comment about before about being banned from sbc. I was banned for speaking out about the poor performance of the services on their. for example pro bandit are still in the hall of fame anybody that has been with pro bandit all year will know that is a total joke. The guy who runs it took a break to try he said to fix things since he came back things have been worse than ever.

I left some commets sbc does not like anyone giveing out about the services that they have on their. This is just on example others include 4pa among others who have been woeful all year.

mrh-beats said...

JP - great to hear from you and thanks for posting. Nope its certainly been a tough wee while. I've lost money thats for sure but I'm always thinking things are going to turn a corner - I've certainly learnt a lot and am thinking alot of how to take this forward. It does feel that following a large number of tipsters isn't the way forward - well certainly not the way I do it!! Watch this space.

Thanks also for your comment re negativity regarding SLH - I was beginning to get a bit worn down by it all, hence the reason for the post last night. I'm drawing a line under it though and don't want my blog being a vehicle for that sort of thing as it begins to turn people off and it affects me integrity.

Keep reading, thanks for your best wishes and hope you are well.

Bob - thanks for your comment - I've drawn that conclusion from some of the comments posted over the last few weeks and as I say above I'm about to draw a line under it.

Anon (1) - thanks for your constructive comments;

1) I agree the telephone line is not the best way of following a service and it is somewhat old fashioned.

2) Agreed as well - it certainly isn't clear - I only signed up due to Greg Gordon's piece in the Guardian which detailed bet for bet. I suppose thats why the whole thing is a bit baffling in that respect - SLH was open to be proofed to a national newspaper so why not make data readily available.

3) I can't comment on how he picks horses - as another commenter has mentioned it's about trust and I trust him to make the right tips and while many do lose these are outweighed by the winners in terms of profit.

Mug Punter - thanks for commenting - agree that the service hasn't done well over Summer and I've been fortunate with my missing of bets - thankfully the NH season is round the corner though and we can start to rack up some profits.

Andy - thanks for responding - yeah if you are not sure of the service you are right to not follow it. Equine Turnover has had a great year this year so far. I know Roger Green has done well recently - I stopped following a while back. Good luck!

Anon (2) - thanks for this - I haven't really followed pro bandit but interesting to hear. You're not wrong about 4PA - real disappointment this year.

Bob said...

MRH - After reading JP's comments, I cannot understand why you have again given credibility to this anonymous poster attacking SLH.
Most of it is inaccurate (i.e.Theology was given out at 1.00pm - the stated time to call from) – But some of the content is far too close to defamation/libel. No wonder JP kept well clear of this crank.
Why don’t you get in touch with Steve and ask him about telephones, proofing etc. rather than giving space to someone who is frankly destroying your blog for their own ends. I cannot think of a reputable forum that would have published this individual’s spite.

mrh-beats said...

Bob - thanks for your comment. I do understand what you are saying and I've drawn a line under this. In other words I won't be publishing any more comments that are of this nature.

There is some accuracy in terms of use of a telephone line and transparency of results / data (as JP references in his comment).

I have removed some of the more distasteful comments.

Like i said in my "integrity" blog post I have been somewhat naive in all of this and I've learnt a lesson. Hope you continue to read.