Monday, September 12, 2011

Fair Play to Mr Gekko

Fair play to Mr Gekko for his email today to members - apologising for the weekend results and offering to continue the service for free until further notice for existing members. I don't know whether this is a knee jerk reaction but it does feel that the ratings have been underperforming for a while now (last period of last season and now the start of this season). The question is - is this a blip or a flaw in the ratings? If it's a blip then we ride it out, if its a flaw then its better to know now. I think analysis from last season suggests that the ratings are fundamentally sound so its a blip.

Unfortunately I can't compare to last year as my results records are poor but I seem to recall a poor start to last season.

I also want to direct you back to the comments on my "Boyle-ing" post - great comment from Banaz which is worth a read. Many thanks for posting.

Really do appreciate all the comments everyone adds to the blog - makes it's a much much better read for me and I hope everyone else reading it.

Not a lot much else to say today other than a small profit made on the day of £28 - thanks to Systematic Betting - unfortunately another loser from Equine Investments - Little Black Book - which seemed to be appearing on nearly every tipsters radar... (I'm still not buying Mr Gekko's multi bet success ROI!!)

If i made £28 a day every day I'd be happy - that'd be £10k+ a year. Maybe that should be my target????


Anonymous said...

How do you feel about systematic?do you think it's a gd service?

Anonymous said...

i like the open debate mentality , most other bloggers get a little upset when they hear things they dont like . far better to listen to what people have to say , then if what they say can be verified something may be learnt . i speak the truth at all times , i have no axe to grind . sometimes i give an opinion rather than facts , i have one (an opinion)now i know how much mr gekko charged last footy season . you didnt get value . value to key to investing and betting . for £89 extra you could have obtained the complete winabob ratings together with numerous systems/methods that have prooved profitable over the long term . quite what mike lindley was thinking letting me gekko charge for his interpretation of the ratings is still unclear to me . i suspect he regrets it . mr gekko's motives are easy to understand . the winabob ratings are imo a useful tool for anyone like yourself who does not have the time nor inclination to formulate their own rating system . the weakness they have is that because they use the same critea as all the other raings models they tend to identify the same bets which means there is a scramble for prices when they are released . the football analyser you mentioned provides very little difference in his selections , its almost at times like he uses the precise same input as mike lindley at winabob . there is an alternative much more profitable approach to football betting with yeilds of 30% but you need to be imaginative and innivative to create such models . imo there now too much attack bias ratings services out there now . the bookies will eventually , slowly but surely , react by amending their standard oddlines . lets face it the bookies really are in it to make money its not a dream or goal for them its just business .
looking forward to your next blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi i left a comment on here a few times. sbc have banned me even though i had time left on my sub nice. shocking treatment they sent me a warning after a i asked a question on the forum and then when i left a message on the forum saying i didnt do anything wrong they banned me and wont reply to my emails.

mrh-beats said...

Hi Anon (1) - it's a great service - very high volume though and prices move relatively quickly. Good consistent profit being made - I've slowly upped my points from £10 to £20 this year and will keep going up over time. Still makes decent profit at BFSP which is a total bonus.

Anon (2) - thanks - not sure the point of running a blog if you want everyone to agree with you!! That's my opinion anyway! Interesting comment re MGB - I will check out winabob ratings although I think that service is also closed to new members. I must admit when MGB was launched I was surprised at winabob offering their ratings - suppose there's some cash in it there from a source might not have got from previously.

If the service is a success, like you say its for people like me who don't have the time - I'm nowhere near in a position to give up the day job... although I am lucky that I can work from home when I'm not out and about which means I can be flexible.

Of course bookies are out to make a profit and you can't blame them, however they are tighter and tighter and I get enraged when you hear on big race days of Will Hill taking a £40k bet etc when they won't let me win more than £90!! Cheers again for your comment.

Anon (3) - would be interested to hear what they banned you for. Thanks for commenting on the blog though - as long as you're not unjustifiably slagging someone off then I'll post your comments.