Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Weekly Update

Finally up to date with my spreadsheets (well not today) but doesn't make for happy reading and thought I'd show last weeks performance

Overall - £264 loss on the week. An excellent start to the week again - putting on £351 on Monday and Tuesday  and then having 5 losing days in a row. Puts the year on £2,432, taking subs into account that turns into a £1,487 loss. Mmm - not good. I originally climbed up to the £2.4k on 24 June - so three months later and I'm back in that position. 

A good week for... Northern Monkey - £96 on for the week even with my £10 per point stakes. Excellent performance. Also Football Elite - back on form with 3 winners out of 4 and £121 profit. Lets hope these good runs continue,

A bad week for... Equine Main Account - dropping £120 and another disappointing week. 

Other news... First time I've had 5 Systematic Betting losing days in a row - frustrating after an excellent start to the week. I also should've had a proper break over the weekend and would've been £530 better off over the four days by having a break. A lesson learnt? 

Looking forward... To nothing really - continues to be a hard and unappealing slog! Although am going to see if I have time to trial my Systematic staking on getting on at 1 min before the off using the autobet system and see how that feels and what the price differential is between getting on quick and the off.


Anonymous said...

Please can you post a list on your blog of the services you follow, the cost of your subs for each service, the date your subscription ends for each service and whether you will renew your subs to each service.

BF said...

The Systematic bot is very handy but it will reduce your ROI by between 55% and 60% of headline prices as you will be essentially betting at BFSP. If you are going down the automated route and have the time to place them I would recommend going with Gruss and trying putting 1/2 in at an hour to 90 minutes pre off when the market is relatibely formed and the other ½ at the off. You’ll add quite a bit to your margins but there is teh trade off of there being additional work involved. I try and get 50% - 75% on Betfair as soon as they are posted and the balance at BFSP and I’m running at around 8.5% since I changed strategy a few months ago. It is still very profitable at the volume of bets and I have no worthwhile accounts left to play with bookmaker wise.

The BOT throws up some strange prices (to my mindn anyway) as it fires 1 minute before the stated off time as opposed to the actual off which as you know won’t always start at the published time. I’ve had bets trigger at 4.5 yet go off at 3.6 a minute or two later and vice versa. It is too small a sample size to date to make a definitive judgement although it does seem to work marginally in your favour taking the price even a minute or two earlier.

I would incidentally if you are not done so already signing up to Piecost. I think it is a Systematic in waiting without some of the pricing issues associated with the former.


mrh-beats said...

Hi Anon - good question - will post something in next day or so but look out for "Who do I follow?" post on 16 August for a bit of that info.

Banaz - thanks for the info. I used the autobot today and see what you mean about prices and fluctuations. Although the place price averaged 87% of tipped price there were some big differentials - the 14/1 shot was down to 9/1 as an example. Sounds like a good strategy - my main aim to use the bot was when I was out and about and couldn't place bets. Figured from today that it was better to get on asap.

Thanks for the info re piecost - looks like the free trial is full so not sure whether places are available once it becomes a pay service. Did you join?

Thanks again for your comment.