Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Auto - success!

Systematic Betting have introduced a new automatic betting tool for placing bets on betfair and I used it for the first time today - seemed to have a magical effect on the horse running as we had 7 winners out of 9 who started giving me a £329 profit on the day.

It's a good tool, but places bets just before the start so long term ROI will be lower than early prices - but still profitable with a good rate of return. It'll be useful for when I'm short of time - as is the case on many days these days - as I can add the file and leave it to run on the computer. Definitely also worth using to minimise bookie bets and I may use it when I start to increase my stakes. So really pleased with this addition to the service at no extra cost!

Not much happening elsewhere, couple of small losing bets from Northern Monkey which would be especially frustrating when Secret Millionaire who Wayne has followed won and we weren't on!

As I mentioned earlier in the week I'm away on a short break from Thursday to Sunday so with a nice 5am start on Thursday this will probably be my last post until Sunday / Monday night. I aiming to bet over the coming days but if there is no wifi access where I'm heading, the cost of using 3G is so extortionate I may not get a chance.

Last thought.. if I could win £329 a day then that would be a cool £120k a year!! Nice work... LoL


Anonymous said...

hi , glad you had a good day , systamatic is a very good service no doubt about that . tremendous t/o and with an efficient staking plan not much point wasting subs on other services . because mr littlewood uses several systems you are effectively spreading your risk . be a long time before he has a losing year imo .

good night for the ratings boys on the footy , i imagine mr gekko did very well ???

Anonymous said...

Did Mr Gekko have no bets last night?

Anonymous said...

I have read through your various posts relating to SLH. You have said twice that it is more profitable to follow his tips at level stakes. My question to you is - why aren't you using level stakes with SLH? Your stakes are also too low in comparison to the SLH subscription fees. You should increase to £100 level stakes (£100 win or £50 each way) straightaway. You also need to thin down your portfolio and this will allow you to increase stakes wit SLH as you won't be wasting money on other services.

Anonymous said...

SLH really does come out with some clap-trap on his review message. Everything in place for the new season? What on earth does he mean? I just wish he'd get some winners and stop picking donkeys like today. He promises a minimum of 100 points profit this year on his website but he's struggling on 50 points at the moment.

mrh-beats said...

Anon 1 - thanks for your comment. Think you may be right - and you make an interesting point re using different systems so spread risk within the one service. No bets from Mr Gekko during the week - he doesn't cover Champs League etc - and bets will only pop up for leagues after a period of time

Anon 2 - no bets during last week - think its to do with the timing of when leagues start and he doesn't cover champs league etc at all.

Anon 3 - thanks for your comment and for picking me up!! What I mean to say is that I've found it to be more profitable for me not to play more than 2 points on any bet (i.e. I don't think the 3 or 4 point bets provide a return to match the investment). I decided not to move to level stakes during the summer as the SLH performance is not usually that good over the flat season - I suspect i will move to level stakes for NH season - unlikely I will go as high a £100 per bet - I don't have sufficient betting bank to do that.

Agree with your point re other services (well some of them anyway).

Anon 4 - I presume he's referring to the NH season which he specialises in. Hopefully we'll get a few more points on the board in the next 3 months!

Anonymous said...

i have slh as part of my portfolio and what i question is how he charges full fees for very little in last month,last 2 weeks has been no bet followed by no bet(8 selections in nearly a month,if nh is his game then fair enough but dont touch flat,by all records he hasnt justified fees on flat results for sometime.And as for meeting up with connections there is such a thing as technology or is he simply buying time to nh season starts?

mrh-beats said...

Anon - I can't really argue with your point - been a very quiet period. But I suppose the other side of the coin is I'd rather no bet than just churning out losers. Flat season gets tough at this end of the game - look at Equine Investments - poor month. I don't know what Steve does with connections but I've been with the service for over three years and I trust him to deliver.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a separate betting bank for each service you follow? What is your betting bank in terms of points for SLH?

mrh-beats said...

Anon - I have a theoretical betting bank for each service - for SLH it's iro of 50 points (so £1,250). I generally go with the recommended betting bank of the service. No service I've followed has gone "bust" but Roger Green was close to it with a 100 point bank I held. Has recouped losses since then but I don't follow it any more!! Hope that helps - let me know if you need more info.