Sunday, September 11, 2011

Reflection / Weekly Update

Have been reflecting on my post last night and how things have been going in general and I suppose it's fair to say I'm probably most annoyed with myself for a number of reasons - not being aware of total subs and the impact on my net profit for one. 

I'd asked Mark from the Trading Horses blog how I would get into trading as I consider other ways of making money out of this business. Mark mentioned there were three key things - patience, discipline and overcoming the disposition effect. These are certainly relevant to my betting portfolio as well. Certainly need the first two - definitely lacking and do sometimes bury my head in the sand. Overcoming the disposition effect - or cutting my losses rather than dragging poor performing services on forever - is also key.

As I mentioned yesterday I'm not going to rush into anything though and will play things out over next few months. 

Anyway thought I'd give a weekly update to see how things are progressing.

Overall - £94 profit on the week. An excellent start to the week - putting on just shy of £600 up to and including Wednesday and then falling back the rest of the week.

A good week for... Steve Lewis Hamilton - £341 on for the week with two good winners. Wrestled back most of August's loss now which is good to see - with the NH season just round the corner hopefully we'll see some more scores on the door. 

A bad week for... Mr Gekko Bets - 1 winner out of 12 on Saturday - dreadful start to the season. 

Other news... Equine Main Account continues to disappoint with £67 loss on the week. 

Looking forward... this week I'm away abroad for a few days Thursday - Sunday so will struggle to get bets on but will aim to keep going I think. 


Anonymous said...

hello again , well done for posting my previous comments .

tough weekend for most footy services , may i ask how much mr gekko charges ?
will respond further when i know his fees .

Anonymous said...

Came across your blog a couple of days ago and it makes for intersting reading, having been down the road of the tipster portfolio myself and having experienced the good the bad and the ugly over many years, I decided earlier this year to try my hand at trading, in my quest for knowledge I came upon The Betfair Guru service.
Decided I would give it a try, at a tenner a month it was costing less for a year than some tipsters charge for a month. Kevin who runs the service was always willing to answer any questions, and when he put on his first trading seminar I travelled to the U.K. from Ireland to attend, what I learned that day changed completey how I approach my betting, by trading I can now make a small profit constant without the long losing runs, if you are considering trading as an option you should consider the Guru I do not know if he is planning to do any more seminars if he does it is worth getting along as he gives great value at an affordable price.

mrh-beats said...

Anon (1) - no worries! It's an open debate here as far as I'm concerned. Yeah definitely a tough weekend on football - i noticed the football analyst blog was saying the same - a bit of a wipeout across the lower leagues!
MGB charged £209 for last season.

Is offering the service free now - originally for 6 weeks but now until results get better - only to existing members. Fair shout from him but depends if the underlying ratings are flawed I suppose.

Anon (2) - thanks for your post and advice on trading - I will have a look - definitely something I want to look at to get profits ticking up without massive fluctuations. Will have a look at The Betfair Guru - not heard of it before.