Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ticking Over

Things are ticking over ok again and we ticked back over the £3,000 mark for the year yesterday before dropping back after a losing day today.

Nothing much to report other than 4PA's poor form continues which is a growing concern. Since the peak of 25 June when basic system bet Tominator came in (which wasn't an account bet!) the service has dropped 27 points for me. It doesn't sound a lot but adds up to £545 drawdown for me. Hopefully the wind will change and things will improve but at the moment it doesn't feel like we're going anywhere.

Systematic Betting have posted August headline results up of +9 points which is no surprise but hard for me when I posted -18 points so a big difference in results - simply for missed bets and failure to get on at recommended price. Will need to work harder re this - my lack of Stan James account doesn't help.

Here's a quick analysis of my points vs. Systematic each month this year;

Jan: 42 (me) / 45 (sb)
Feb: 6 / 28 (includes a holiday)
Mar: -9 / 10
Apr: -34 / -26
May: 70 / 69
Jun: 6 / 10
Jul: 73 / 90
Aug: -18 / 9

No real complaints but would like to get closer to headline.

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