Friday, September 2, 2011

August Update - Part 2

Before I start just wanted to say farewell from the blogosphere to The Portfolio Investor who's hanging up his typewriter! Unfortunate but understandable - it does take time to type up thoughts etc. Was a good blog and I will miss reading it.

Anyway back to business - here's the ytd graph until end of August -

Really does show the devastating impact of such a poor month on profits. So we go into September £1200 off the peak of 1 August of £3.7k. Some recovering towards the end of the month as you can see but nowhere near enough. I'm all for diversification but it always seems to be the way that if one tipster is performing badly then they all perform badly. Maybe I don't diversify enough!! There is definitely some overlap - with a number of duplicate tips day in day out - and mostly they don't seem to deliver but August is just one month in 12 and I move into September with high hopes!

Looking at the year as a whole there's been 4 losing months and 4 winning months and when you add subscription costs I've barely made a profit. Looking at subs in detail over the next few days but wanted to give a quick summary of whether I think I'm in net profit or not with a service - a simple yes or no will suffice for now with limited comments;

Steve Lewis Hamilton - Yes
Equine Investments - No - mainly due to my low staking
Equine Turnover - Yes
Northern Monkey - Yes
Football Elite - No
4PA - No
Systematic Betting - Yes (just - low staking and bad increased staking has caused this)
Mr Gekko - No
Market Examiner - No.

It's a slog - there's no denying it. I have an idea of what to do in terms of change but need to mull it over and see how things go in the next month or so.


Anonymous said...

Timing is a hard one to get right thats for sure. How much are you playing the market examiner tips at per point.

In relation to sbc i thought their loyalty was to us customers. However i have seen since i joined they do not seem to like anyone speaking badly about any of the services they have gotten very close to a few of the services. I have other issues which i am not happy with such as all these claims they make about huge profits that will be made when you join sbc.

Thats how i feel others may have a differnt view on them and thats fine two.

excellent blog btw keep up the good work.

mrh-beats said...

Definitely - there is a theory that you should never join a service after a long winning streak (when you are most likely to join) as they are most likely to have a losing streak at that point - and you should join when there has been a long losing streak (when you are least likely to join!!). My upping stakes on systematic being a case and point - wrong timing as I did it after winning runs. Even though I knew it would happen!! Market Examiner is another one - long run of success, publicised by SBC and we hit the buffers. Sure things will be fine in the long run though.

For Market Examiner I'm only staking trial amounts of £5 per point - for services like this I tend to do that until I get a feel for things and whether I want to continue - have had my fingers burnt with overstaking in the past (Tipping Legends, The Nagman, Roger Green Racing, Double The Odds being good examples).

Take your point about SBC - I haven't seen much of what you speak of but they do seem to be punting alot of premium services now which does make you wonder about impartiality.

Not sure anyone should advertise they are going to make you huge profits so definitely agree however SBC has really helped me with my betting and the mags / forums are good.

Thanks for your comment - trying to keep it interesting!

Anonymous said...

If i were you i would drop all but EI s both services and systematic.

Re adjust your banks and watch it grow

mrh-beats said...

Anon - cheers for your comment - it's not a bad shout and I'm considering restructuring the whole lot - have been reading a few other blogs etc out there and think there may be a better way of doing this.

Would question EI Main - the turnover service is performing better this year. Although to be fair my EI problem is my staking and not the service itself (although its a nightmare getting on).