Sunday, September 4, 2011


Saturday was a very frustrating day - Bated Breath looked like it'd won it to me only to be stung by the stewards in the photo - I think a dead heat would've been the best call but hey ho such is life - it turned a bumper day to a losing day - with both systematic and 4PA tipping it would've been a nice £300+ profit.

Too many places elsewhere so we continue to tick over with no massive harm done. Hopefully these 2nds / 3rds will click into 1sts and I'll start raking the cash in again!!

Only other point to note was that Mr Gekko Football Bets kicked off the season this weekend. Not a great start with 2 losers and 1 winner producing a negative return. Decided based on last years stats I'm going to play £35 for home bets and £25 for away bets. Definitely an argument for playing the draw no bet market as well. Haven't decided on that one yet though.

Here's to a good week - although I note the weather forecast is tricky all week so could be a struggle.


Steve said...

Where can I join Gekkos service? Assumed it would be closed after a below par first season.

How much was subscription and any idea how I can join.


mrh-beats said...

Hi Steve - The football bets service is running free of charge for last season subscribers until mid-october following last seasons performance. At that point they will ask for renewals - the service is full at the moment with 75 members - if some of the 75 don't re-subscribe they will open up to new members.

Cost last season was £209 - I'd be startled and disappointed if the price was up this year.