Friday, September 30, 2011


Now.. I bet you thought that title related to the hot weather at the moment - I chose a good week to holiday in the UK!

But really I was referring to Equine Turnover form - a 20/1 winner on Thurs and 16/1 winner today! Struggled with odds today though and best I could get was 10/1 rather than 16/1 quoted - more to do with a short delay in getting on for me but I noticed SP was 4/1 so cracking value bet!

A brief post really also to say I've published, read and commented on all recent comments - thanks for input. Worth reading comments if you don't already.

Still on hols - betting been easy to get on in the main although my laptop is now playing up. Visiting family tomorrow so may struggle to get bets on - maybe not a bad thing considering this weeks days of the week topic!


Anonymous said...

As we said to keep faith slh delivered a good 2pt 11/4 winner fri hopefully a sign of things to come with more jumps upon us,where are all the ones wanting to whipi him now(I1 bet and he has gained 5.5 pts and cleared all lost bets since m.marvel with a1.5 pt gain,good also to see n.monkey chip in with a 12/1 winner sat.

mrh-beats said...

absolutely - and a 6/1 winner today as well! Been a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Which bookmakers do you use to place your bets? Do you do all of your betting online or do you bet in shops too? I have been restricted by Sky Bet and have therefore closed my account as it was a waste of time with every bet being referred to their ridiculous trading team. Bet365, however, seem to take any bet I place so I will stick with them for as long as possible.

mrh-beats said...

Hi Anon - I have accounts with all the major bookies and I would say i do 99% of my betting online. Occasionally go into shops if I'm having internet access problems.

I've been restricted by Sportingbet and Skybet to very small stakes (i.e. 50p - £2), Stan James closed my account, restricted by William Hill so I can win a max of iro £100 on any bet, no BOG with Boyle, restricted by BlueSq/888sport to minimal stakes (less than £20), but all the rest are ok!

Skybet have an awful reputation for restrictions etc as do the most of the others mentioned above.

Hope that helps