Thursday, September 22, 2011


Was out this morning so when I got back in I thought I'd run the Systematic autobet system to run the bets for me in the afternoon to save a bit of time! Well in terms of placing bets it certainly did but I spent most of the afternoon checking betfair to see if the bet was placed and also checking prices and whether I was going to get a decent price. Made for a stressful afternoon and not very enjoyable.

That was my fault and no criticism of the system. Think it will be useful when I am away for the day and struggle to get my bets on but not when i am available to put them on at the time they are tipped. This in the main because of lower prices just before the off which is going to reduce the ROI significantly.. and not because of my neurotic behaviour of checking all the time!!

Decent couple of days on Monday and Tuesday followed by a losing day today with SLH and Systematic going awry.

Finally got a winner out of Equine Main yesterday although the price I got was way off the headline price but that was partly because of the delay in me getting the bet on. Great couple of days for Equine Turnover - the younger brother of the Main account but significantly outperforming his older brother this year and a double bonus of it being much much easier getting the prices on. Certainly makes me think for subs renewals.

Am going to look at upgrading my spreadsheets following the new ones on offer from SBC Advanced - haven't had a chance to review as yet but will look at over the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Giving mathematician a trial at the moment has anyone any thought on him,had about 9 no bet days in a row and a strange message followed by some garbage race reviews?

Anonymous said...

Steve Lewis Hamilton needs a damn good whipping. He is serving up bets on horses that are not suited to the ground, the distance, the type of race etc etc. Today was a case in point - the horse was totally unsuited by the course, the ground, the distance, the type of race and, to top it off, the jockey has never won a race. Total rubbish.

Anonymous said...

The SLH website is rubbish. Where can I get a full break-down of this year's bets? What the hell does he mean they proof to the Racing Post? I can find no third party proofing of SLH anywhere online. He's obviously hiding something. He shouldn't charge people for membership without providing a comprehensive betting history first.

Anonymous said...

A terrible day. Massive losses incurred. Topped off in the 3.55 at Worcester with Tin Pot Man running an absolute bloody stinker. Steve Lewis Hamilton's Amazing Lays. How does he pick these animals?! Maybe he's muddling up the Exchange Service lays with the Private Service bets.

Anonymous said...

Steve Lewis Hamilton has been reported to Trading Standards UK for misadvertising his services and telling outright lies on his website.K for misadvertising his services and telling outright lies on his website.

Anonymous said...

Its no wonder you are behind this year with the way the likes of 4pa have been performing its shocking stuff. The guy that runs it is meant to be a pro gambler i dont know how he makes his money but its not from horse racing.

Andy said...

Steve Lewis Hamilton needs to stop stealing my money and start allowing me to make some money from this investment. I have given him well over one thousand pounds in subs this year and am making a big loss - I follow the Private, Exchange and All Weather Services. Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish.

mrh-beats said...

Anon (1) - I followed Mathematician a while ago - gave it up over a year ago due to poor results on the account bets and to get the best value from the service you need to use the message detail and it does take some deciphering and you have to make your decision whether you are going to bet. When I was a member the account bets were few and far between and that's the way the service is run - I think it's a good service and of some value if you use the detail in the msgs - if you just follow account bets or mentions it wasn't one for me to continue falling. Don't know whether its changed.

Anon (2) - The tips haven't been great recently but we're still up on the month and I'm 65 points up on the year - long term it's good! I think most tipsters work on the value basis (e.g. Equine is another example).

Anon (3) - if you can provide photographic evidence I will believe you!

Anon (4) - I don't watch the races so can't comment on how the horse performed. Promise you'll post a positive comment about the service when he has a winner. ;-)

Anon (5) - drop them an email or phone them. They sent me details when I asked for them before I joined.

Anon (5) - hopefully not - never used the laying service!

Anon (6) - did you report him?

Anon (7) - I know - 4PA are having a stinker of a year - 36 points lost for me since the peak point when Tominator came in at Newcastle. Very disappointing.

Andy - I don't follow any service other than the private service which has done well this year - i have heard the all weather has been poor - what do the totals look like?

Thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

i am subscribing to slh,25th aug to date his record is 9&1/2 pt profit i am first to admit some selections are frustrating but so was masked marvel in my eyes so there you go, till it ran!but the whole idea of subscribing to a so called pro is your putting ur trust in him and there will be selections you dont agree with but thats why me and all on forum use these services because we would only lose money long term so take the results long term also i think people get frustrated with lack of activity at this time of year and judge short term so keep faith

mrh-beats said...

Anon (8) - thanks - exactly! Couldn't have put it better.

Anonymous said...

Testing Peter May's Jumps ratings this month, seem pretty good, may subscribe for a few weeks, will report back profit/loss.

mrh-beats said...

Anon - re Peter May - thanks sounds interesting - be good to hear. Is this the same guy as Neural Bets?