Friday, September 9, 2011


Mmm... a poor Friday with all services posting a loss. 

Equine - 2 losers out of 2
Equine Turnover - 1 loser and 3 x double losers.
4PA - 1 loser out of 1
Systematic - 10 losers out of 12!

And I missed Northern Monkey's bet - but it lost so no harm done!


My post title comes from the following email received from Boylesports;

As you are aware, provides extra value for its customers through regular promotional offers such as Cashback Specials, Best Price Guaranteed and Free Bets.After a review of your account we have decided that it will no longer benefit from these and other gestures classified as ‘special offers’. 

Well it could be worse and they could've closed my account but another knock for the betting portfolio. And people really can bet £250 on bets and not get their accounts closed?? Max I've ever bet with Boyle is £20!!


Anonymous said...

thing is mate u gotta be smart , shafting the offices isnt a problem its just hard work. if u need a boyles a/c to make money ur f**ked fella .

you follow some good service mate but they are not all they seem . take the best one systematic for eg all littlewood does is use approaches that have a close to 0% or better roi to sp and give 'em out at early bog . if u have subbed to his service for 12 mths you can easily work out the systems. quick returner , pace bias , trainer stats he doesnt use anything new , just tried and tested methods and then charges £1,500 pa .

so .....reckon its 5% this gets posted , lol??

mrh-beats said...

Anon - thanks for your comment! And you were wrong about me posting your comment!!

Interesting points. Agree with you re Boyle - and appreciate there's other things to do - e.g. multiple accounts etc.

Take your point re tipster services - and even if that's all Systematic are doing then that's ok for me as I work full time and there's no way I could deliver what Mark's doing day in day out. Suppose it's like any service you pay for - you pay for it cause you can't do it yourself.

Made some additional comments re this in tonights post.


elist said...

I made other accounts on all bookmakers,but after 1 month ...he blocked and new accounts...Now I have account only in bet365 and Paddy.I bet max 20 euro in this bookmakers.Other money I bet in Betfair and Betdaq.Bad situacion with bookmakers.I not know what will made in future.

mrh-beats said...

Elist - think Betdaq and Betfair will become the only options but far more difficult to get the price on these for the big hitter tipsters. Good to see SLH getting some profit back for us?

Anonymous said...

Speaking as a member of Systematic almost since Mark went public with it I think that anonymous while making some valid points is being a bit harsh.

Firstly while Mark’s selection process does after a certain length of time show patterns obvious to anyone paying attention it oversimplifies thing to think that is necessarily easily followed or replicated. My wife cooks a nice Sunday dinner but she would not make it as a professional chef if she had to do it day in day out. The ability to do something day in day out is something that requires a lot of time and effort. Mark is a university lecturer and with no offence to him I don’t think it is a profession that is 9 to 5 in a traditional sense. Anyone subscribing to the service is paying him or another tipster for their time as well as their expertise.

Secondly I think that Mark runs one of the most transparent services out there. If he opened the doors tomorrow he would probably treble his service user base. He has chosen to keep numbers small in an effort to preserve prices – something I think the likes of Equine should heed. I was with Equine for a while until the stampede for prices became simply a joke. Its bad with Systematic but nothing like its nearest rival – Equine. I’m not knocking the latter by the way – the problem is a structural one caused by gutless bookies not standing prices and restricting accounts.

Finally Mark is one of the few services who don’t claim BOG prices on selections.

Having said all that in defence of Systematic I think that like most services relying on bookmakers and early prices that the headline claims of 15%+ ROI are totally unachievable in my view. Somewhere between BFSP of 5% and 10% are the best you can hope for in the long term and that’s with an awful lot of subertfuge and hassle if using bookmakers. Mark has a huge reliance on Stan James and if you’re not with SJ (as anyone anyway successful won’t be) you’ll suffer at least 15 to 20% of potential returns. Log onto Betfair when Mark’s selections go out. You’ll be very lucky to get an 8/1 SJ selection at 6.5 pre commission on Betfair and for peanuts. Losing 15 to 20% on each winning bet will murder your returns in the long run. As anonymous puts it “if you’re relying on Boylesports” (or indeed Stan James) you are pretty f***ed.

I love horse racing. I love betting on horse racing but I’ve come to the conclusion that if you are not able to make it pay on Betfair that you’ll succumb to the laws of diminishing returns very slowly if being a part timer relying on bookmakers. Relying on bookmakers and cash placement on and off course is fine for the likes of Veitch running teams of agents. There are only so many family members and trusted friends that you can set up accounts with. I’ve gone through I would say close to 35 accounts in various names. After my current two identities are exhausted I’m tapped out in terms of likely names. When that arrives and it will I’m looking at either 100% Betfair or else moving into football (which I loathe).

Lest I appear too gloomy I think that there is hope – as you say yourself getting your own selections is the way to go. I’m working on my own bets via ratings from Proform and other sources. I’ve been trialling these with Gruss for the last 3 months at €2 stakes. High volume low stakes till the end of the year. Ultimately I hope to move from 25% own selections and 75% tipsters to the reverse keeping maybe 3 or 4 keep tipsters. I think I’ll have to bite the bullet on football as well but if my limited experience of football tipping is an indication I don’t think I will be retiring on that anytime soon.

Keep on trucking. Enjoy the blog.

Banaz (SBC)

elist said...

After 30.08 I stop work with SLH,now I start new work ,bad work time for betting and on this time I stop work with SLH.Have winners in last 2 weeks with Steve?I not know.

mrh-beats said...

Hi Banaz - thanks for posting such a detailed response on the blog. Much appreciated - definitely agree with you re Systematic - I was trying to say something similar (re doing what he does) but not so eloquently.

You are indeed correct on the transparency front as well - I think Mark has something like 25 members and someone told me the waiting list was 100 strong so fair play to him for keeping numbers down.

I do find Equine virtually impossible to work with - and simply because of lack of price availability will mean this is probably the last year I will subscribe to the service. Membership is supposed to have been reduced this year but still pricing is worse than ever - be interesting to hear how many members the service does have.

I do think that even if you are 30% down on Mark's headline figures you will still make a decent profit though - maybe just not as sensational as hoped. There should be an admittance that quoting SJ is not really fair game (I lasted less than 4 months with them). Be interesting to hear about this automatic betfair bet placement Mark mentioned today though??

I'm a great lover of horse racing like you but am beginning to reach the same conclusion as you about dimishing returns and am looking at other things - especially using the rating services.

You may have to tackle football - but that's no plane sailing either as you can see from my posts!!

Thanks again for your post and taking the time to write it. Really adds value to the blog

mrh-beats said...

Elist - bad timing indeed - 3 bets for SLH in September and 2 winners! Definitely a long term service though!

Anonymous said...

The Systematic winner from today made my point nicely. 15/2 quoted at Stan James when posted. 6/1 in a few places. The 15/2 went in less than 10 minutes and I managed 7.2 pre comm with Betfair. My single biggest complaint re the service is quoting Stan James odds when sole best price. I'd say there are very few members getting on to any meanuingful stakes with them.

Having said all that as you say re Systematic even if you don't make the 15% yield 8% on the volume of bets is still excellent.


mrh-beats said...

Banaz - yes I saw that yesterday - frustrating thing was that the was the only big winner on the day - still came out 3 points on top though. Great day today though!