Monday, September 19, 2011

Expensive Weekend!

And I'm not just referring to the €7 bottles of beer in Spain!

Not had a chance to tot things up since I last updated on Tuesday - a huge number of bets over the last few days and while it was easy to get the bets on while I was away, thanks to high speed wifi where I was staying and new cheaper data plan from Orange. There was little point in doing so as from what I can tell the portfolio made very little progress and I suspect there's been a few more steps backwards despite the volume.

I've replied to comments and hopefully will be able to provide an update over the next few days.


codman said...

Hello. Firstly, great blog! I've been enjoying it for over a month now, keep up the good work. I follow systematic betting too and yesterday I didn't receive any tips or any emails at all for that matter from mark and was wondering if this was the same for you. Hopefully it wasn't a technical problem on my end.

mrh-beats said...

Hi Codman - thanks for your comment.

No there was definitely emails on Monday - quite a few bets. I haven't totted up the total but pretty sure it was a losing day overall so you were good to miss it.

Best to drop Mark an email to sort out. Hope you got bets today - was a top day from what I can see.

codman said...

yes, finally all sorted out! got em in time for the winning day. thanks again and keep up the great blog...oh and good luck with your betting. It's a tough game

mrh-beats said...

Ah good to hear! Not been so good the last couple of days again.