Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another decent day

Forgot to mention that luck also played in my favour last night as Football Elite bet was lost when Atalanta missed a last minute penalty and I'd completely forgotten to put the bet on. So a relief for me that I didn't miss a winner but gut wrenching if I'd actually had the cash on!!

Another decent day today and the profit total has ticked over the £3k mark again for the year. Nice to finally get a winner from Steve Lewis Hamiltion which breaks a poor run (and finally my level staking paid off!!) and Systematic Betting continue to turn things around. Couple of solid places from Northern Monkey adding to things with only Piecost failing to deliver with the 2nd blank day in a row - I'm down 39 points on the month (thankfully I'm on test stakes of £5 a bet) but I'm reassured that its one of these services that can have long losing runs but bounce back.

Nothing much else happening - just hopeful the good spell continues into the weekend...

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Anonymous said...

Hope this is the start of a decent run from slh,I think it's more frustrating when the selections run poorly,whereas thurs was at least two horses which had run good races even the losing one didn't really bother me as we got a run for our money.must say he isn't the only one underperforming n.monkey seems to be going further between winners,I quess alot to do with time of year.good luck today&great blog