Sunday, October 16, 2011

Super Saturday

I sometimes feel the general tone of the blog is negative with me constantly lamenting how badly things are going so I thought it was time for a positive post.

Finally had a winning Saturday with £434 profit yesterday. First positive Saturday since 27 August! The success was from an unlikely source as well with 4PA basic system bets delivering the whacking profit - through Dancing Rain and Edinburgh Knight winning and a healthy place from Castles in the air. As mentioned I played the basic system bet rather than the 4PA bets which delivered more profit than if i'd followed the account so extra happy with that. As a recent poster mentioned there could be some merit in continuing with the basic system as it's still delivering healthy profit.

Northern Monkey, Steve Lewis Hamilton and Football Elite all delivered positive returns while Piecost and Systematic's poor runs continue.


Anonymous said...

Hi i posted here about 4pa i will pay again for my subs when they are up in a couple of weeks. The first reason i will do this is because at the moment i dont have the time to work out the system bets for myself. second reason is that lately the guy that runs it has been told to include all system bets as part of the account bets.
I am hoping that lessons have been learned and that the total waste of a good system that has been going on will now stop.

what i mean by that is take for example the decent priced winner that we had this weekend. If that had been a few weeks ago the guy who runs 4pa would most likely not have given it as a bet.However now he is not given the optin of leaving out system bets which is a positive.

what i am not happy about is the fact that he can still change staking on these bets for example from each way to win. I said before i would prefer if just system bets were sent out at a reduced price but that wont happen. I expect things to improve over the next few months i will see how things go and make any future decisions depending on the next few months results.

On the staking for your services i look at it this way you are staking very low for all of your services you are about 2000 pound in profit so far. If you had the bank and had been staking for example three or four times higher for each service you would be in profit of around 8000 you will would not be staking at at crazy levels something to thinks about for the future.

elist said...

I try 1 month with Piecost and stop work.For my this service bad.
Good first 20 days of this month for my other services.