Wednesday, October 12, 2011

September Update - Part 2

Before continuing with the September review just wanted to mention that when doing the daily totals tonight I'd actually reached a new high for the year which surprised me - a welcome surprise though with yearly total peaking at £3,896 on 7th October. But no time to celebrate as a dismal performance over the last few days (mainly from Systematic Betting) has seen the YTD total drop back by £1,199. Some feat losing £1,200 in 5 days!! Suppose it reminds me of one thing - that things can rise and fall quite quickly in this game and don't worry too much about the short term.

Anyway back to September - here's the table of points and cash earned for the month;

And here's the graph for YTD to end of September;

As I said yesterday - ended up being a pleasing month - lets hope October can get out this awful period and come up the same way.

More thoughts tomorrow.

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