Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Progress / Piecost

Looks like things have gone well over last few days - haven't managed to bring things up to date but progress definitely made.

Will be interested to see if September ends up in profit - October has certainly started well.

Piecost have started well with the launch of the full service from 1st October - looks like for once I have joined at the right time after a poor month during the free period in September which I missed. Feels like a good service in terms of communication / service as well as tips. Glad I got in. I'm only betting small trial stakes on this service for first 2-3 months (£5 per point) to get a feel for it. Additionally am only betting on betfair and will watch how this impacts ROI - its a heavy betting service in terms of volume and throwing more bets at the bookies is potentially going to damage my accounts. If the ROI holds up at levels suggest for Betfair then it looks like it could still be a very profitable service.

Back on a regular basis next week. Good luck with your betting in the meantime


Anonymous said...

I'm not one of the regular SLH bashers but I have to say that I was left disappointed by today's account bet. I took time off work to watch the 4.30pm race at the bookies but I shouldn't have bothered. The Fox's Decree was a shocker despite having Richard Johnson in the saddle and despite the fact that the race only contained six runners of which three fell. The Fox's Decree ended up a very, very distant last (beaten by 45 lengths) and really did not look like a good investment of 2 points but that is Steve's call and not mine. The Sporting Life report reads: "tracked leaders on inside, hit 9th, mistake 11th, weakened 12th, left 3rd and hampered 4 out, mistake last, tailed off". Let's hope to build on profits tomorrow. Onwards and upwards!

John said...

Hi, I was just wondering about your new SLH staking plan. You have analysed his bets in the past and showed that the 2-point bets are the most profitable. You also showed that the 1-point bets are the least profitable (although there have been some good winners this year). Do you really want to be sticking £50 (rather than £25) on SLH's speculative 1-point win bets? A lot of these are just that - speculative - and often underperform and lose. Just a thought. I think you original staking plan was good: following the point system but capping your bets at 2 points. Good luck with whatever you do!

mrh-beats said...

Hi Anon - thanks for comment - glad to hear you're not a SLH basher - but as you say Steve makes his call and we have to go with it - think sometimes horses just have bad days - will be interesting to see what he says on the review message. Hopefully we'll get a winner today!

Hi John - thanks for your comment! Yes I'm confident I've made the right decision - it took me a while to make that change though as you will see!!! Betting level stakes over my last review period did come up with a better profit and better ROI so hopefully have made the right decision. I also do think that 1 pt win on a 10/1 shot - the extra profit by betting effectively 2 points could cover 5 losing 1 pt (now level) bets so worth the risk if you see what I mean. Will continue to monitor though! Your thoughts are welcome!