Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Saturday debate continues

For those of you who are SBC members I started up a topic on the forum a few weeks ago regarding Saturday betting - seems to have generated some discussion - well worth a read here;

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Anonymous said...

It's a pity SLH only had 1 point staked on the second selection today at Fontwell. It won by 49 lengths! He only made 2.5 points' profit on the bet at 5/2 and he only made 1.5 points' profit on the day after the losing first bet (1 point) was taken into account. SLH states he has a 1-10 point staking system on his website. I've never known more than a 4-point win bet. Seem to remember having one of those on Imperial Commander and it lost. Just goes to show that the amount staked does not reflect the chance of winning. Level staking is the way to go it would seem. Level stakes gives more control over stake size per bet and it should give a bigger ROI as I believe your statistical analysis indicated.

mrh-beats said...

Hi - yes was a great winner! Suppose caution is right at the start of the NH season. Nice to see the losing run come to an end! Like I mentioned before I've moved to level stakes so made a bit more profit out of the bet - plus I got 11/4 on betfair rather than the recommended 5/2. Definitely better on level stakes. In the 3 years I've been a member there has never been a bet over 4 points. We did once have a 2 pt e/w double winner that won me nearly £2,000 in 2009. I think the neighbours three blocks away heard me roar the 2nd horse home!!

I'd never recommend going above 2 points unless it was another double - for me I felt I was betting too much and the risk was too great + there's little evidence to suggest that there's much benefit in doing so!

Thanks for your comment!