Sunday, October 9, 2011


I head home tomorrow after my break and get back to the grind of working life... This week had ticked up nicely in terms of profit and things were looking rosy until we hit Saturday and I've had yet another stinker of a Saturday. I've not totted up the total losses for the day yet but Betfair alone is sitting at -£504 on its own before I look at returns from bookie bets - first indications are you can add another £100+ to the losses.

Mr Gekko and 4PA both had complete wipeouts. These services are both disasters at the moment. For 4PA its the 3rd weekend in 4 that there has been a complete wipe out. All the more depressing and frustrating when the basic system (which is free from SBC) would've delivered a small profit today. Annoyingly this morning, I'd debated as to whether I should just follow the basic system or advised from now on.

My knee jerk reaction is to stop following both these services, accept the losses and move on in the direction i was wanting to head in. I should accept the fact that they might turn around in the future but be confident that I'm better spending my hard earned money on more reliable services. Clearly I can follow the basic 4PA system without paying a £400 pa sub (although advised service is currently free due to poor performance).

In terms of Saturday betting today has been another clear indication that Saturdays should be set aside and enjoyed rather than slogging over a pc getting bets on for half the day. Do I do this though??? Who knows.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you on the saturdays i had a good friday only to watch it dissapear again on saturday a common problem the tipsters should look in to this and see if it is worth betting on a saturday i think not.

on 4pa it is turning in to a bad joke the only bets that should be sent out are the bascic system bets but this puts pcb out of a job and costs sbc money so i dont think that will happen. what will happen at the end of this month wil we be asked to pay our subs for the next six months when it looks like yet another losing month is on the way. I wonder how many people will pay.

AL said...

dont think i will go down the portfolio route, seems to hard on your nerves!!!

thanks for your blogging, keep up the good work.

mrh-beats said...

Anon - thanks - yes its certainly becoming depressingly predictable!

4PA has been a disaster there is no doubt about it - think I will just follow the basic system bets from now on - certainly won't be renewing when the subs request does come in.

AL - thanks - it certainly is hard on the nerves - think it can be successful - just got to get the mix right - something I probably haven't reached yet.