Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekly Update

Just on my back from a cracking game of football at St James Park. Scorcher of a goal from Ameobi. Good day today on the betting front with a decent profit made.

Weekly update covers Mon - Sun.

Overall - down £184 on the week so a good recovery from the two profitable days out of the 7. Unusually these two days were on Saturday and Sunday which as we all know are two of the toughest days to make a profit. Doesn't feel too bad after the weekend and hopefully that's another poor run tackled and we can move onwards and upwards. So YTD just sitting shy of £3k gross profit. Need a whack above that to turn the net loss into profit before the end of the year.

A good week for.. no doubt about it, the week belongs to 4PA and the basic system bets. 2 winners and a place made for very happy reading on Saturday night and while I didn't get the 33/1 for Edinburgh Knight I'm satisfied with the 25/1 a did get. Definitely still feels the basic system bet is the place to be. Interesting to see what they do at the end of October when subs are due.

A bad week for.. unfortunately it's got to be Systematic Betting - just over £500 down on the week so a poor period. The large volume of bets means things can turnaround quickly and can easily recoup that loss in a day or so. Hopefully fortune turns and things will start to head back in the right direction.

Other news.. interesting to see The Football Analyst (see having a top quality weekend with results. Have been tracking the results to see if they matched the general trend of Mr Gekko Bets which they appeared to have over the last few weeks. Now does this mean that maybe MG was a bit premature in pulling the service - or at least letting us have the bets without adding to the official account? I'd be interested to know and extremely frustrated if it was a very profitable weekend.

Looking forward.. desperate to get tucked into the horse trading but I'm not sure it's going to be possible this week -am away with work for a few days this week and standard betting will be tough (if possible at all) never mind getting trading up and running.


Anonymous said...


Great blog. I have just started a new Betfair Challenge blog and wondered if you'd like to exchange links??



mrh-beats said...

Hi James - good luck - yes will do - just send me your link and I'll add.