Monday, October 31, 2011

October Review - Part 1

A tremendous win for the mighty Toon tonight has fair cheered me up. Up to third so will enjoy that while it lasts!

So October started very well, fell apart during the middle of the month and then recovered slightly towards the end but it wasn't enough to finish in profit with a £323 loss posted. There really was a mixed bag of results from the portfolio but with Systematic having a very poor month there was little chance of ending up in profit.
A review of each of the services;

Steve Lewis Hamilton. -1.65 pts (-£83). Moved to level stakes in October but didn't work in my favour but despite there being 6 one point bets in the month the difference in loss was only £60 thanks to Wherrimon winning on the 27th. Poor month really for Steve and hope he picks up now the NH season is fully under way.

Equine Investments / Turnover. Out of season for both services really this month and nothing really to write home about with both services dropping a small amount. Hopefully pick up again once the AW season gets into full swing!

Northern Monkey. +27.65 pts (+£274). Tremendous month for Northern Monkey, in the main due to My Girl Anna winning with a 3 point bet. Ignoring this bet would be wrong as Wayne got the point structure of this bet perfect. Top rated bet and wins. Continues to impress at a very low cost.

Football Elite. +1.37 pts (+£34). Topsy Turvy month for Football Elite but good to see profit and a stabilisation of the service. Many suggest I should up my stakes with Football Elite but I think I'd like to see another season of good performance before I do that.

4PA. +24.18 pts (+£484). After a dreadful start to the month which appeared to herald a terminal decline 4PA has bounced back with tremendous results - both Edinburgh Knight and Exmoor Ranger being the highlights. Clear though that the basic system bet is delivering the profit and not the additional thoughts of PCB. Certainly following the BSB staking this month delivered additional profit that would've been lost if following the official staking. Question is - what happens now with the subscription of the service? Any SBC member has access to the system and could do the work themselves. Be interested to see - I'd probably pay for the bsb so I don't have to do the work.

Part 2 tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Recently subscribed to systematic after a long wait,how do you place the bets,do you have accounts with many bookies or do you stick to 4 or 5 I am time limited and have only that number,do you think it will affect profit by much?
I have noticed the turnover is very high.

mrh-beats said...

Hi there - congrats. I understand the waiting list is very long so you've done well to reach the top!

I use about 7-8 bookies as well as betfair. Suspect I use betfair for about 40-50% of bets.

In my opinion you will be doing well if you achieve more than 70-80% of headline return. Expect less if you use only 4-5 bookies. I would also say that you need to be careful you don't hammer the same bookies over and over again - they will quickly get wise you are following a service and shut you down.

Turnover is very high indeed. There were over 400 bets last month!! If you are stuck for time then I would look to use the autobet placement tools that the service offers.

Good luck - it's been a hard time with Systematic recently so hopefully you are joining at a time of a change in fortunes!

Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

In response to the systematic wasn't sure if all the waiting list was for sure? but anyway today seemed to post profit,overall how has the service been for you?in my eyes there are 3 services to follow,above mentioned slh,not been to hot and £ for £ best value n. Monkey what do you think?

mrh-beats said...

Hi Baz

Systematic is great service but has treaded water recently and hope for a turnaround. SLH again is a great service but you need to be in it for the long term as does have long runs of not going anywhere. Beginning to feel we're in one of those runs at the moment. Northern Monkey is very good and subs are very low for the service you get - Wayne never over stakes or over bets and you've got to admire that.

Definitely 3 to follow although it's not a get rich quick scheme thats for sure.