Monday, October 10, 2011

Pause in service

No I haven't come to my senses and decided to jack this all in. Just thought it was worth posting that Mr Gekko has put a pause on the football service after another disasterous weekend.

I have to say I appreciate the honesty and communications from this service but do feel that some background investigation should've been going on while bets were still available to prevent a break in service. But fair play on holding their hands up and we shall see what comes out the other end!

My likely view is pretty much whatever the outcome, that i'll probably stop following though.


Anonymous said...

Hi about what you were saying about droping 4pa. Are you going to do the work yourself as in work out what the system bets are every weekend.

I agree with your move no to renew your sub. The guy has turned what is a profitable system in to a losing one even when he has been told by sbc to include all the system bets he still goes and changes the staking from each way to win like last weekend madness.

send us out the system bets at a reduced price and drop the extra bets from pcb.

Anonymous said...

Good evening, you are making too many mistakes - reduce the number of services you follow and then increase your stakes on your reduced portfolio. NEVER follow more than a maximum of THREE services at once.

mrh-beats said...

Anon 1 - well at the moment they are still providing the basic system bets as part of the service. Subs have been extended to the end of October so I think I will follow the basic system through that until then. After that I will look to do the work myself using the system rules. BUT i have to say what you suggest seems like a good solution - i.e. cut the price to something reasonable and provide basic system bets only.

Madness is a good way to describe last weekend. Thanks for your comment!

Anon (2) - thanks for your thoughts. Definitely following too many services - and I am trying to reduce. Why do you say three in particular?

Anonymous said...

In reply to your question - unless you are Mr Money Bags, which you are clearly not, you simply will not be able to afford to follow more than three tipping services with well-stocked betting banks with the level of staking required to make a profit. You are betting too little on your key services and hence are breaking even with subscriptions at best. I would say the minimum stakes with SLH are £50 per point or level stakes of £100. You are also betting too little on the Equine bets and the Football Elite bets. If you drop some services and thin your portfolio down to three, you can then increase your stakes and see your profits rise. Good luck.

mrh-beats said...

Anon - thanks for responding. Definitely agree with you in terms of staking with SLH. My plan is to drop the main Equine service when this subs period is over - for the very reason you say - I just can't afford to stake the amount required to make it profitable. Football Elite - agree with you as well. I may use some of the staking previously used for Mr Gekko to restake Football Elite. Need to work on what to keep and what else to drop.

Thanks for your thoughts.