Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekly Update

Obviously today we've reached the end of the month so will be doing some number crunching later. Thought I'd do the weekly update first though.

Overall. Bit of a mixed bag of a week with 4 good winning days giving an overall total for the week of £227. Always good to have a profitable week clearly!! I was hoping that there would be enough to turn October into profit but unfortunately not and looks like I've had another poor month. While the Saturday debate continues - this Saturday was a profitable one so pleasing to see - thanks in the main to the 4PA basic system bet again outperforming the tips.

A good week for... Mr Gekko Bets looks like it may have started the turnaround. A few points profit added to the weekly total with both midweek and weekend bets ending up positively. Clearly I've reduced my stake beyond what was recommended and not a lot of £ profit made but decent return points-wise and its good to see. I will keep going for another couple of weeks on £10 a point and decide whether I'm going to re-stake.

A bad week for... Piecost. No doubt the dunce of the week and October looks like following September as a losing month. I don't think from emails that Piecost have sent that there is anything to worry about it's just disappointing joining a service on a two month losing streak. Pretty sure things will turnaround!

Other news... I've renewed my subs to Systematic for another 6 months. Hopefully the current spell of treading water will come to an end soon. Not much progress has been made over the last few months and it would be good to see this turnaround - especially with subs cost of £750 for six months. I had considered increasing my staking for Systematic to £25 per point as surely we're due a decent run. But think I might be pushing it a bit too far.

Back soon with a look back at the month.

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