Tuesday, October 11, 2011

September Update - Part 1

Finally managed to get back up to speed on the spreadsheets and have logged all the bets. Just working out the analysis but a brief summary of September performance below.

Total profit for the month was £634 which was a pleasant surprise bearing in mind the month wasn't progressing much at all until towards the end of the month.

A good month for a number of services - Steve Lewis Hamilton, Equine Turnover, Systematic Betting all providing decent levels of profit backed up by Football Elite with a good 2nd month of the season. Unfortunately the overall profit was brought down significantly by terrible months from Mr Gekko Bets and 4PA - and we all know these services appear to be in some disarray.

Taking subs into account the month was also profitable - I estimate this to be just shy of £200 a month. This is clearly well short of where I want to be post subs, but with the way things have been going recently I take this as a positive.

Will post points total / latest graph further thoughts over next day or so.

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