Friday, October 14, 2011

Poor run continues

Well after soaring to new highs late last week we plunge to new depths today with an astonishing £1,400 lost since last Saturday. I don't often criticise Systematic Betting but it's certainly been a shocking 8 days with 41 points lost. Yikes! Things can turnaround quickly with Systematic but the service feels like its been treading water since I upped my stakes to £20 per point!

Steve Lewis Hamilton isn't on a great run either - 4 losing bets in a row - bringing us back even for the month with my new level staking!!

And Finally Piecost have managed to turnaround a profitable month into a losing one over the last couple of days!!

I did say I wouldn't worry too much about the short term but it's hard work sometimes!!

Anyway at least we have Saturday to look forward to....


Anonymous said...

your theory that following several tipsters allows for bad runs by some being compensated by other more successful tipsters is alll very well but.....
.......there will be periods when they are all shocking. An unusually long run like that is what usually puts people like you out of business. You need to allow for the worst case scenario as it WILL happen. Following more than 3 or 4 tipsters means having to have an impossibly big bank if you are going to protect yourself from ruin. Sorry to have to tell you that :-)

mrh-beats said...

Anon - thanks for cheering me up!

Agree you should always prepare for the worst - it would be mad not to. Which is why I'm diversifying into other areas like trading and working on my own betting strategies. Which should once up and running compensate for the bad runs.

In terms of big bank - it's really relative - if you play to smaller stakes then you can have a smaller bank. One of my problems in the past has been not matching stakes to the subs of a service - i.e. Equine Investments where you can't play at my level and make decent profit despite it being a top quality service.