Sunday, October 23, 2011


Sorry for the lack of posts over the last few days - as I mentioned in the weekly update this week was going to be challenging in terms of work and getting bets on at the same time. While I managed to get everything done it may have been better if I hadn't bothered!!

Certainly been a challenging week with Systematic Betting dropping another 30 points over 6 losing days which brings the current losing streak since the 7th October to 73 points. Not sure how it compares to other Systematic losing runs but feels by far the worst since I joined and is certainly punishing the betting bank and the portfolio.

Graph below shows Systematic performance since 1 August and certainly not moving forward. I've chosen 1 August simply because thats when I upped my stakes to £20 a point.

Admittedly while the current run is worrying I know from past results that the service will turn things around and we'll get back to winning ways - it's just part of the game getting through these runs - and that's mainly about psychology.

With Piecost, Steve Lewis Hamilton, Equine and 4PA all underperforming this week it's been a frustrating time... again...

The only bright spot being the top 3 pointer My Girl Anna from Northern Monkey on Wednesday winning at 8/1 for me. So glad I re-subscribed to Northern Monkey and finally a service where I upped my stakes at the right time.

On the trading front I've managed to download the software and have a tinker with it but haven't yet had the time to get my teeth in and try it out - am hoping to do that at some point this week.


Anonymous said...

Agree with you re Systematic, Piecost, etc. Very disconcerting. I have decided not to bet today, Sunday except for football so there's bound to be an upturn!Love your blog as I follow some of your tipsters. Am trying to learn horse racing trading with horseracing and am with The Trading House also and badger Trades

mrh-beats said...

Hi thanks for your comment. I hope you bet today as Systematic had a belter...

Yes - horseracingtraders is the one I am with - will have a look at the other sites you mention - thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

The Systematic run the worst in the two years I have been with him – only October 2010 when there was a 60 odd point drawdown was there a comparable run – added to Piecosts rocky start (even at well reduced stakes) it has been a trying time of late after a few good months. Systematic’s performance has definitely treaded water for a few months but as Sunday illustrated it can also recover ground pretty quickly and clock up 50 to 60 points in a week. As you pointed out elsewhere in your blog it is not worth following the service on Saturdays (or if really wanting to doing so at well reduced stakes). At bets prices returns are marginal and allowing for restrictions, closures etc it becomes a negative expectation game. Doing this will definitely assist me in reducing the wild weekend swings.


mrh-beats said...

Hi Banaz - thanks for your post - feels like maybe we are beginning to turn a corner with both services! Well here's hoping.

Are you not betting on systematic on Saturday now? Or have you reduced your stakes?