Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Turning a corner

A decent day today with both Systematic and Piecost delivering profit. Certainly today helped by me mistakenly staking £20 on Comrade Bond (a Piecost tip) rather than the £5 I should've staked! It duly obliged! Nice to get a mistake delivering for a change...

Also started betting on Mr Gekko Bets again - have moved back to £10 a point due to the increased number of bets. Seems the removal of the filters have done the trick - there was 5.5pts profit over the weekend (which I missed) and another 3.3pts today for me. Will continue to bet and review stakes in a couple of months. Probably goes against what I have said in terms of dropping services but feels right considering the review Mr Gekko took and the tweeks made to the service. Be good to continue with more than 1 football service in my portfolio.


Steve said...

I've just added all the blogs in my RSS feed to my websites blogroll.
Just wondering if you wouldn't mind having a look at the site and if you feel it has merit then adding it to your blogroll.

Frustrated Punter said...

I realise you commented a few weeks ago to the effect that you did not want any further SLH bashing on your blog. Fair enough. However, I think valid comments should be allowed to stand. I have followed SLH for three months and have to say that I have NOT been impressed. August was a poor month and September wasn't much better. However, I accepted that SLH is a NH specialist so have been looking forward to this month and beyond since the summer. However, this month has been riddled with bad horses who, with the exception of Mohanad at the start of the month, have been beaten comprehensively. SLH took time off to prepare for the NH season and keeps saying everything is in place and he has done excellent work behind the scenes. Why can't he identify some winners, then? We go for days with "nothing strong enough for the account" and then, when a bet does come along, the horse is thrashed. I really hope things turn around soon as it is an expensive service to follow and I have been disappointed since becoming a member over the summer. I was expecting better from what is described on his website as the "best horse racing advisory service in the country". I would like to see a purple patch soon otherwise I may cancel my subscription at Christmas and look elsewhere.

mrh-beats said...

Hi Steve - I've had a quick look at your site and looks great will add a link.

Hi Frustrated Punter - you're right I was fed up with endless SLH bashing despite clear long term results showing profit is made. I agree the last 3 months haven't been great and the start of the NH season hasn't been ideal and this is why I've published your comment - there was definitely some chat about preparation - but its early days and hopefully things will turnaround - history suggests they will.