Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekly Update

Well that was interesting... as if by magic Systematic Betting produce a belter of a day and clawed back 21 points today - is this the turnaround??

Overall. Another losing week although it ended up not being as bad as it could have been with a £329 loss, but thanks to today it doesn't feel too bad. Clearly not great obviously and it would be good if things could start turning around!! Three winning days but Saturday was another shocker and the damage was done. Dust ourselves down and look forward to another week!

A good week for... This week the honour go to Northern Monkey for having the balls to put out a 3 point bet on a 10/1 shot and it smashing home. Certainly glad I kept my subscription going and for £49.99 a quarter it's difficult to find a service that offers better value for money.

A bad week for... It was going to be 2 weeks in a row for Systematic but redemption today so I'm afraid it goes to Piecost - 15 points lost this week but again a high volume service so suspect things will turnaround soon.

Other news... Getting into the NH season proper now so will see how that develops over the next few weeks. Fingers crossed I can start the trading this week. Mr Gekko started sending bets again this weekend but I haven't checked if results have improved - I decided not to follow (on MGB's advice) but will see how things pan out over the next few weekends before making the final decision.

Onwards and upwards!


Abu said...

Hi. Please can I exchange links? My blog is:

Anonymous said...

what is happening to slh,he said 3 weeks ago that everything was in place for the nh season but he has actually got worse with his selections,i have followed him for a while now but some selections have been very dubious ie the 2 on friday,why take a horse thats been off track for a year with no form?5/2 what angle in is that?
i really hope he starts to produce,
do you have any nh services?

mrh-beats said...

Hi Abu - will do - will have a nose at your blog. Good luck!

Hi Anon - yes not been a great start to the season. Hopefully things will turnaround soon! Not any other specific NH services and while I should probably be introducing at least one more to get the balance right I probably have too many tipsters in my portfolio at the moment!